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How the Laser works

The ‘Strawberry’ Laser System shoots a red laser light beam through the skin and into the fat cells of the treated area. The laser light penetrates the fat cells causing them to shrink.  The contents of the fat cells will be excreted over the next 12-24 hours.  For optimal results we recommend  a healthy diet and exercise.

Pre-Treatment Instruction

 Pre - Treatment Client Instuctions     
   1) No eating for two hours prior to treatment.  A small amount of liquids (water, coffee, etc.) is ok.  No cream,  sugar, or fruit juices please.    
   2) Wear comfortable clothing.  Also wear tight fitting underwear  (panties, brief type).    
   3) No lotions or moisturizers near the area that you wish to be treated.    
   4) Be prepared to exercise within the next twelve hours to help the lymphatic system remove the free fatty acid  cells from the body.      
   For best results we reco mmend the following for the next 24 hours: vigourous excersise, plenty of water, reduced  fatty foods, and no alcohol.      
   You might notice a discoloration in your urine and stool.  This is your body naturally removing the unwanted fat  residual from your lase r treatment.    
   You may experience an increase in energy due the body absording the glycerol released from the lasered fat cell.    

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8-10 Treatments, exercise and diet control will get you great results.

Current programs

The 'strawberry Laser' does get instant results reducing body fat however, for best result it is recommend to come 8-10 sessions.   We recommend an initial consultation to determine your problem areas and goals.  We will customize your strawberry laser lipo treatments to achieve your goals. The laser treatments are given 2-3 times per week and require the client to drink a lot of water and exercise daily..  Make a change to see a change will be our advice.   After your treatments are competed, we offer a weekly maintenance program that will continue to help maintain great results.

8 Treatment Package

10 treatment Package

12 Treatment Package

Weekly packager

Refer A Friend

Refer a friend and get a free 30 minute strawberry laser treatment.

We have this great referral program that will allow anyone of our clients to refer and friend and get a free 30 minute strawberry treatments for themselves.  Refer a friend and if they elect to proceed with the treatment then you have earned a free 20 minute treatment to shirk any part of your body.

Make a change to see a change. and tell all your friends about this new fat shrinking system.  Let us shrink the world together.- one person at a time.

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